Communication link solutions
Project pain points

Short communication distance

Compared with low-power WAN, the communication distance is a major difficulty of traditional solutions

Difficult line deployment

Traditional communication links require wiring, and holes must be drilled through walls, making construction difficult

High labor cost

Once the construction is complicated, it means a lot of labor costs

Costly operation and maintenance

Late in the project, there are a lot of difficulties in both operation and maintenance and product updates
Program Advantage
  • Ultra Long Range

    Signal transmission distance up to 5 km in wilderness areas and up to 3-5 km in urban and rural areas
  • Ultra Low Power

    Module sleep power consumption as low as 2uA
  • Easy Deployment

    Private network, arbitrary blindness
  • Low Cost

    Lightweight networking without any follow-up costs
Network Architecture
Application Scenario
Success Story

"Smart Park" project

Manthink realizes remote reading, remote pass/fail, and abnormal alarm for water and electricity meters in Rookery Park. It solves the problem of manual reading and supervision difficulties. At the same time access to temperature and humidity, environment
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