Asset Management Solutions

Low power consumption remote transmission timing up

Combined with the product, according to your requirements, the asset management tag is regularly reported heartbeat for the safety of your products

Powerful IoT network system

Free access to LoRaWAN cloud servers

PC-based web-based system

Multi-sensor business centralized in a unified platform
Three-level device management system
Different role positioning to ensure data security
Rich report statistics function

Mobile support

The applet way, convenient and quick, one click management
Support delivery side and customer side applet application
Users can query energy usage data at a glance
Benefits of ManThink
  • Technology Accumulation

    Since 2013, we have accumulated long-term experience from end to cloud
  • Low power consumption

    IOT OS-based SDK and EB framework, low-cost solution to power consumption and stability difficulties
  • Fast delivery

    Mature operation and maintenance experience and FUOTA technology accumulation, which can make the project landing quickly
  • Low Cost

    Intelligent deployment at low cost
System Architecture
Success Story

Intelligent Supervision of Animal Husbandry

Gateway with positioning function
Timed reporting of tags
Intelligent farming
Real-time monitoring
Solution related products
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  • ST11 Asset Management Tag

  • ST13 Inclination Positioning Sensor

  • GDO31x outdoor gateway product