Smart Campus Solutions
Industry Pain Points

Poor user payment experience

Manual charging, difficult cash management; unable to achieve random recharge, no support for mobile payment.

Difficult meter reading and charging

Manual meter reading or IC card meter reading consumes a lot of manpower and material resources; unable to realize real-time reading of energy consumption data, difficult to call for payment and unable to charge in real time

Property Management Complexity

Water, gas, electricity and heat, decentralized management of four meters; unable to realize the trip management of users with unpaid bills; unable to realize the early warning of abnormal/unpaid energy

Inability to monitor energy usage status

Lack of public energy use statistics; inability to detect leakage points in real time; inability to share public energy use costs accurately
Program Advantage
  • Four-Meter Integrated Copy

    Realize automatic meter reading of water, electricity, gas and heat consumption data to reduce labor costs and statistical errors.
  • Online Bill Payment System

    Automatic bill generation, support multiple ways to pay bills in real time, pay and recharge anytime, anywhere
  • Online O&M

    Implement cloud-based operation and maintenance functions
  • Energy consumption monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of energy use data, real-time discovery of energy use abnormalities; rich data reports; remote switching valve to achieve fee control
System Architecture
Success Story

Water Meter Monitoring Project in Economic Development Building

ManThink provides building energy system monitoring system for Jingkai Intelligent Control. The system includes building power supply and bill payment, heating system operation condition monitoring, central air conditioning system operation monitoring, ai
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