Distributed PV monitoring solution
Project pain points

Conventional PV plant system monitoring

Generally established in close proximity conditions, mainly through the LCD display to know the various system operating parameters, maintenance personnel guard the site and constantly check the value displayed by the mo

More independent system distribution

Each maintenance point is required to be equipped with a certain number of maintenance personnel, which directly leads to high labor intensity of maintenance personnel, costing a lot of human, material and financial resources, and does not adapt to the de

Large inventory market, many manufacturers, complex agreements

PV power plants have been in development for more than a decade and there is a huge inventory market. In the already built PV power plants, there are many brands and models of inverters, complex protocols, and no unified access protocols

Missing information and data visualization control platform

Lack of centralized management means and channels for current PV energy projects; lack of information and data visualization control platform, low monitoring efficiency of capacity enterprises, and lack of data support for resource deployment, which leads
ManThink Advantage
  • Program Advantage

    Multi-dimensional solutions, device layer, acquisition layer
    High comprehensiveness of network layer, application layer, etc.
    Simultaneous management of multiple power stations to reduce labor costs
    Improve operation and maintenance efficiency
  • Product Advantage

    Support State Grid edge IOT agent mode
    Access to the national network system
    EB framework, can realize the docking to a variety of inverter protocols
    Support OTAA
    System advantages: blind relay, accurate time
    Time division algorithm, blocki
  • Communication Advantage

    Large coverage area in rural areas
    Stable network with high reliability
    Low retrofitting and construction costs
    Easy to deploy and maintain and overhaul
  • Delivery Capability

    Edge Computing Framework
    Zero Onsite
    Remote Upgrade + O&M
    Powerful network element management system
System Architecture Diagram
ManThink's DTU Features
Regulatory O&M software

PV operation and maintenance supervision software

PV O&M software contains the following main functions.
Integrated Kanban, station monitoring, data monitoring, equipment list, alarm management, parameter control, transaction module
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